Tuesday, 26 August 2008

First Date.

It was our anniversary recently. Himself and I were reminiscing as you do and it put me in mind of our first date. We went for a meal and me being the poor student didn't want to look as if I was taking advantage of a working boy (since he was paying) and ordered the chicken. He obviously had no such inhibitions and ordered the full grill. I began to feel unwell on the way back to the tube, so imagine my relief when we happened upon some public loos. Excusing myself I just about made it to a cubicle before the worst happened all down my new Bomber Jacket. Not pleasant. It took a while to clean myself up and naturally he became concerned.
Eventually I re-appeared having got the worst off, enough said. The time came to say goodbye - too late he realised his error and moved in for the kiss...

It's happy memories such as these that see me through a busy shift at work. This and those wonderful, un -looked for moments when customers inform you they've got two new hips and a knee... any chance of an isle seat ?

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