Monday, 1 September 2008

All Reliefs' to the Checkout Thankyou.

I only went in for milk and ended up spending £30.00. How did that happen ? How often does that happen ? I blame the end of isle promotions, 3 for 2's and Bogoffs. All those unnecessary purchases that at the time were a must.

So. Why is it that when I try to get something that is actually on my list; there's a tedious little label instead announcing: Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock ? Twice now I've gone in for own brand Cheerios only to find branded goods at extortionate prices. I tried my look again in the dried fruit bay where I just about managed to wrestle the last bag of sultanas that wasn't Organic or priced in pounds rather than pence; before scrabbling on the floor for a packet of value Midget Gems tucked away on the bottom shelf at the back. How I crowed ! ( What can I say ? I can't watch telly in my nightie without them.)

I tell you, Supermarket shopping has become synonymous with The Gunfight at the OK Corral. The pensioners are the worst, ramming their trolleys and pushing past in order to scrum around the Reduced section.

Which brings me to it.

I'd just put my hand on a double-chocolate mousse when a searing pain tore into my back. Turning, I spied Blue Rinse Woman stabbing me to death with her glare. I reached for the nearest weapon, in this case a White Cabbage and stood my ground.

"Do ye feel lucky Gladys ? Well, do ye..?"

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  1. Oh dear!! I now realise what a shambles we pensioners are!! I promise in future to push my trolley correctly and keep my cabbages under control!!


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