Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Boxofficegirl. An Audience Booked By...

The Vulgar Comic Fan. (V.C.F.) Box Office Cashier. (B.O.)

V.C.F. " Alright Love ? Can ye tell me where Buffet is ? "

B.O. " I beg your pardon - Buffet ? "

V.C.F. " Yeah. It sez 'ere on me ticket - Buffet ! Where do a gaw ?"

B.O. " Er, Would you mind if I just took a look at that Sir, we weren't aware of any Buffet this evening - thanks."

V.C.F. " Look 'ere - it says Buffet on me receipt.

B.O. " Yes I see - That actually says Bfee Sir, short for Booking Fee which you paid in addition to the ticket price. "

Gentle pause whilst penny drops.

V.C.F. " Soooo...No Buffet then ?"

B.O. " No Sir. No Buffet, sorry."

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