Friday, 5 September 2008

In Their Shoes.

Customer Service plays a huge part in a typical day at work. As with any front line position, there is the usual barrage of complaints, discrepancies and general hullabaloo to deal with. Most of the time I think it's fair to say that we bend over backwards to set things right and people are usually happy except when they are not, which isn't always something immediately related to the problem at hand. So, here are few examples of the type of issues that cause our customers such concern.

I've booked the wrong night.
I've double booked myself.
There is no leg space, no head space-the woman in front has got a bouffant.
Will I be able to see from there ? ( Yes Madame, if you open your eyes.)
I'm only small. ( Does Madame require a step ?)
I need to be in the middle as I can't look, left or right.
( Remind me never to cross the road with you.)
I need to be in the Dress Circle because it's the only place I can see from. ( We do have other seats where one can see perfectly well...)
It says on my ticket that the show begins at 7.30pm. What time should I get there ?
Your pointing to the Upper Circle and I asked for Dress Circle. ( Trust me, I work here. )
The name is Smith; I'm on your database. ( I'm sure you are Sir, but going to need a few more details than that.)
Could you make sure that I'm sitting next to someone who actually knows about Opera !
I've been trying to get through for three days !!!! ( You must been a shadow of your former self.)

My wife died last night and I don't know what to do. We had tickets for the show on Saturday. Will you take them back ?

Shakespeare was right, life is a stage and we are the players. We laugh when it's funny and we cry when it's sad. One minute you're in full swing, bantering, laughing, getting on with the job; the next there's a man in shock unable to comprehend the extent of his loss. He must have gone home and found them in the envelope. Perhaps they were on the sideboard or on a pin board near the calender, the date marked in red so they wouldn't forget their big night out. Not knowing what to do he did the most practical thing he could think of. He got a refund on the tickets.

We sorted it out for him of course and I remember watching him leave the building. He even stopped to hold the door open for another customer before disappearing into the crowd.

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