Saturday, 27 September 2008

Never Pass This Way Again.

( Words by boxofficegirl inspired by the melody from Lord of all Hopefulness written by - Jan Struther 1901-1953)


O hear us dear Father,
we call on you Lord.
To open your arms wide
embrace your dear son.
He leaves us too quickly
no time for goodbyes.
Our hearts filled with sorrow
for the pain in our lives.

In his goodness and his faith, Lord
this quiet man came.
Without insult or injury
he lived out your name.
How humbled we are to have
called this man, Friend.
His soul aches for peace now
as he reaches his end.


How small our lives seem Lord,
as we bid him farewell.
Grains of sand in the desert a
breath of wind could dispel.
Bless us with your grace, Lord
we falter and fail.
Our courage undone all
our weakness unveiled.

If we can be of service
let it be in your name.
Offered up freely
not toiled at in vain.
Any good that we do now
must succour and sustain.
For we know in our hearts Lord,
we'll never pass this way again.
  • For J. A. with love and thanks for a life well spent - Rest in peace.

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  1. for all the people J.A. life touched he Will be missed but not forgotten.


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