Saturday, 20 September 2008

Until Your Song Is Sung.

So many times over the years I have talked about writing only to fall back into shadow blinded by the brilliance of someone else's work. It's taken me a long time to realise where my own voice comes from and that it is unique.

Our Souls cannot be duplicated. Someone else may look like you but they are not you, your essence is your own. Do not be afraid to shine, to have ideas, thoughts and creative moments of joy. Never allow your dreams to ebb away and die just because the world failed to recognise your true worth.

How often have we hidden in the darkness afraid to show our colours at the risk of rejection ? We've all been on the receiving end of comments capable of crushing the hardiest of spirits. More importantly, we are guilty of the destruction of dreams that were not our own; inflicting pain for no reason other than we could.

There is the potential within everyone to fulfill ambition long since cast aside. Perhaps the dream was shelved for the sake of loved ones or because commitment and duty took prior place. Maybe the years went by too quickly and ' one day' just never got around to being 'today.' We all have our reasons, excuses. I Know I do.

This blog began because of the threat of redundancy. I'm beginning to think that they did me a favour. I've lost track of the amount of notebooks and scribbles I've made in the past as the prelude to some great literary work and 'one day,' who knows what good things may come ? Now, instead of notebooks I tell it to the blog.

This is my voice. I have at long last found the harmony and it does not frighten me to share my ideas here. I make no apology for incoherence or the patchwork attempt to express myself.

Some of you will be glad and decide to sing along with me-I hope that you do. May you find the courage and strength to hear your own voice, find the harmony within and sing, sing until your song is sung.


  1. Firstly, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It's quite scary on here isn't it?

    I can completely empathise with what you're saying in this post.

    It takes time doesn't it? And you just don't know if what you're doing is right or wrong.

    But that doesn't matter, ultimately you should be writing for you and for the enjoyment.

    I took a creative writing course at the beginning of the year and it helped me out so much, I found a voice and an idea – I haven't looked back since.

  2. An aching post. The reasons you give for starting your blog are a mirror to mine. I believe it essential to the establishment of a voice to have a venue in which you can experiment -- doing this with readers is even better. I'll subscribe, follow, and wait to see where you go.


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