Monday, 13 October 2008


Spent this morning at the dentist with screwed up eyes and stricken limbs. I think the assistant was a trainee and I swear if she had suctioned my cheek one more time I would have done some serious harm.

Later, I went shopping with my youngest who skipped merrily ahead whilst I lumbered behind dabbing the dribble from my frozen mouth. What a delightful way to spend the morning and how different to yesterday when himself offered to take the kids fishing so that I could indulge my creative streak in peace and quiet. I was in writing heaven working on a few projects but one in particular which is going rather well. At this moment it's gestating nicely in my notebook. All hush hush of course and subject to change, a work in progress.

Another idea is also starting to take shape but depends very much on a local character I've had my eye on. We are on nodding terms but nothing more which makes progression rather difficult. Maybe I'll find a way around this that doesn't involve giving the wrong impression or earning myself a court order for stalking!


  1. I really love that first sentence!

  2. Mr Green! A delight as always to welcome you across the Pond.


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