Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Mirror, Mirror....

Typical ! Only two windows open. Don't they know it's lunchtime ?
3, no 4 in front, I''ll take my chances. As long as I don't get that bloke on the end I should make it back for the meeting. Did my head in last time, thought he wanted my shoe size as well, amount of questions he asked.
Come on, come on, bloody woman in the middle looks as though she's sprouted roots. Choose a seat and pay for crying out loud.....Oh here we go, number three's opening up - best smile now, don't want to end up in the gods.
" Hello, I'd like to book for next Tuesday please. Two for the Dress Circle if you can."

Shouldn't have eaten that sandwich so fast, oh.....'scuse me. Quick dash to the kitchen, no time for the loo. Where did that queue come from.....where's my tissue ?... That's better. OK. Ready. Bloody Punters....don't they know it's lunchtime ?
Well, looky, looky here, Mr Handsome at 2 o'clock.
" Hello, may I help ? Two for the Dress....OK, I'll just check that for you..."
Flippin' 'eck, he's not bad. Concentrate, look professional.
" I can do a couple of seats just over to the right if you'd like to have a look on the Theatre plan."

Is she feeling alright ? She's grinning like a Cheshire cat.
" Er. Yeah, yup, they look fine, thanks. Can I pay by card or is there an extra charge ?"
'Cause you lot just love raking it in which ever way you can don't you...you thieving....

" No, no extra charge at the desk, Sir. Only over the phone...."

God, he's gorgeous ! Look at those big, brown eyes and that smile ! Bet the suits an M 'n S. Clean nails, white teeth and I LOVE the scent! Not overpowering like some of the muck they wear....smells soapy and fresh and......lovely.
" Which card would you like to use ?"
Now's my chance to dazzle him with my keyboard skills. Lots of fast finger action but at the same time creating friendly, come and get me, ambiance.

Is she for real ? What's with all the piano practice ? Just give me the tickets already.
Probably a Bunny Boiler.....
Bloody hope not - she's got my address on there.

" If you'd like to sign here please.....great. There are your tickets, enjoy the show."

Thank God for that...Someone should tell her she's got bits of lettuce clinging to her gnashes.
" You've been very helpful, thanks. Bye."

He can't stop gawping at me.
Look at 'im...think I've got a fan there....
You can come again...
" You're welcome. Bye."
Mmm.....You are beautiful, no matter what they say...La, la,la,la,la,la......don't you bring me down today......Sigh.

" Next please."


  1. Bunny Boiler...gnashes...it's like a whole nother language! Good stuff! Or YeeHaw, as we whoop here.

  2. What can I tell you - I'm British!


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