Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Woman on a Mission.

I'm a straight forward kind of girl, honest, trustworthy, nothing special. When I speak to people I look them directly in the eye naively expecting the same in return. I cannot abide cloak and dagger tactics or whispering in corners. If you've got something to say then say it for goodness sake otherwise I'm not interested.

I'm pretty good at reading people. I can tell immediately when someone is off just by the way they enter a room and I'm not fooled by behaviour to the contrary. It offends my sense of justice that you should suggest otherwise.

You might think that you know me. You don't.

I will no longer tolerate transference of guilt, inadequacy, or somebody elses' inability to know their own mind or be responsible for the choices they make.

I will not be leaned on, coerced, intimidated or persuaded against my own counsel. Never again will I invalidate what I hold true or conjure up grey areas when the matter is so obviously black and white.

Do not put words into my mouth. My vocabulary is more than adequate!


  1. Here I was sitting at the office, watching the clock slowly change the numbers and this comes through Google Reader. Snappy. Good. I predict this may become your most popular post yet. It's forceful without become screechy.

  2. Take all that energy and pack it into sentences that exhibit the same tonal control as this does. Control is a thing I'm reminded I need to work on. If you could do the same thing with tone and mood in a character piece, that would be an awesome exercise to read.

    Can I ask you something else, though? Why all the gadgets on the blog? Perhaps you should parade your text, center things around that. Show your spunk and verve. The text is the vehicle for your thought, not the games box or the search boxes or the news feeds. That's just a reader's thought, not a criticism by any means.

  3. Thanks for that last comment. When I began the blog I wasn't entierly sure what my intentions were. Now that I am finding my stride, I don't feel quite so naked. As for the set up, I'm not that great with IT. Feeds, for example, complete mystery to me but never mind.
    Had a bit of a tidy up, done some housekeeping hope you approve. I am quite open to advise and criticism otherwise what would be the point?

  4. I think that's much cleaner. Aesthetic is so individual anyway, but I think a larger number of people, especially on the web, are attracted to the minimal. Do you make any money off the ads that are on the site?

  5. Not much so far. I know what your thinking but I'm going to give those a bit more of a chance before deciding to get rid.

  6. Looks like someone really tickled your tail! Nice to see you fighting for your rights)

  7. Don't you sometimes feel that you have such clarity of vision it cannot possibly be ignored only to find that people are doing just that? Not so much the White Elephant scanario more an entire Zoo!


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