Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Path of Orion.

The flock takes flight
Across the empty vast delight
As far as the eye can see.
Emblazoning the azure sky
Extended wing span soaring high
Calling forth to amplify
A gathering to eternity.

Celestial nobility
Bowing low before majesty
Heralds' the hour drawing nigh.
Expectation clouds the air
Impatience over-rides despair
Ignites the host gathered there
In iridescent splendid light.

As the Exodus unfolds
Orion's pageant here beholds
The assembled multitude.
The swans sing out their last lament
Uplift with graceful poised intent
And in their royal white ascent
Empyrean seeking to collude.


  1. I feel a bit floaty when I read this. Vast and Delight are words that need to meet more often.

  2. Matt, hope you're feeling a little better, thanks for the comment.

    Don't float off without saying farewell.

  3. Iridescent and lament are often overlooked as well. Those are two of my favorites.

  4. This is not about your poem, although I did think it was pretty; it's about why I am twice one of your followers? I don't know how that happened. But at least it got the number off 13.

  5. Thank you Brad - I do love to play with language when the mood strikes me.

    Don, I would officially like to welcome you to the blog TWICE! Are you sure you're not stalking me in the hope of finding out how I make the best tea in town?

  6. Her real problem is figuring out which one of you she should delete. Aim for the middle. Isn't that what they always say?

    Or keep both and be doubly blessed.

  7. I am feeling a bit better. Thanks for the care. Don't worry when I float I talk up a storm.

  8. Switchboard Nanny: I am thrilled you managed to find a way in! Have a safe journey, I look forward to hearing from you soon and you take all my love with you. Bon Voyage.xxxx

    Matt: I'm so happy you came back sweet prince, I quite like having you around.


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