Friday, 7 November 2008

A Song to Starlight.

Do you seek me?
You shall not find me
For I run wild across the sky.
Our sister moon,
Lights up the way
Her silver trail leads to the morning light.

And in our wake
An enchanted mist
To fend off all who would follow.
Do not make hence
Have a care, beware
For there is nought for you here but shadow.

Stars of the night
Lend me your path
Hear my voice call out your song.
Spin me a web
Of silken thread
Embrace unto you that which doth belong.


  1. Do you write poetry as well? Often? That's what I've been doing the most of the last four or five days because I'm stumped on a story.

  2. You were very quick off the mark,I was still deciding on the title when I saw your comment.

    I used to dabble when I was younger but tonight I was moved by the Creative Spirit. I wrote this by candlelight which always lends a sense of enchantment to the moment don't you think?

  3. I like the atmosphere of this verse.

    I am guessing you have young eyes. For me to write by candlelight would require enough candles to burn down the flat.

    My wife likes candles around the bath, but at least there's plenty of water just in case.

    There is nought for you here but shadow reminds me of the Rilke epic poem from which I took the title for Possessed by Shadows.

    I am enjoying this site more and more. But, since I have a linear mind, I wish I could read your story-posts all connected instead of spread out through the blog.

    Your comedian

  4. An aid for those with linear minds and fear of fire would be a label for each post that would tie them together. A search via label would then organize them in a chronological order. I just saw the Manuscript label on the Jez cont. post. Perhaps that will work?

  5. Brad, the Beryl story is labelled Manuscript and has been for a while.

    Don, I am glad you saw the humour in my comment, it was well meant! X

  6. As a few of you may have noticed I have made a couple of changes to this verse, as is my way.
    The title has changed a few times but I think I'm happy with it now. Also one or two edits on words here and there as quite often I don't see the errors until I have looked at it on the blog.

    This is the playground after all but I just thought I would mention it in case people wondered what was going on.

    Anyone reading is welcome to comment on the blog, please do feel free. I look forward to hearing from regulars as well as new voices so please don't be shy.


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