Friday, 19 December 2008


I have decided to pull the Manuscript story from the blog. Ideas for this were coming thick and fast and what had begun as an observation on a small hairdressers had somehow snowballed into a much larger project which I need to give due time and consideration to. I would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to read the posts so far and I hope to go on amusing you with other little slices of life before too long.


  1. I think this is a good idea. I look forward to seeing how this develops as a whole, and also to reading whatever you decide to put here.

  2. Hi there -

    hereby tagging you with the Six Random Facts meme – whatever “meme” means . My friend Peggy Sue tagged me. It’s possibly a good way y to get to know a little more about fellow bloggers. I’ll let you decide

    To get the idea go see my most recent post – and picture - on : On My Dog Ate Art

    Steve : My Dog Ate Art

  3. I shall miss your manuscript posts, they were my favourites on your blog but I understand by constant posting it can become a too many cooks thing. I look forward to reading it when you come back to it.


  4. The story was taking on a life of it's own Selchie and I needed to step back and have a good think about what to do with it.

    Thanks for popping in though, it's lovely to hear from you again. Well done on the book signings.

  5. Looking forward to reading more. I like your style. Please stop by for a visit when you are out and about in the internet community!

  6. Linda, you are very welcome to the blog, many thanks indeed for popping in. I have left a message for you on your site.


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