Friday, 23 January 2009

Being What You Wanted To Be.

In his latest post, Don Merritt suggested that he would perhaps prefer to be a character in one of my fantasy pieces than be faced with the prospect of 'what next' on the writing front.


Not a serious comment, I know, but it did get me wondering about who we would wish to be if not ourselves and the kind of life we might choose to live given half a chance.

For myself, there are a number of options which I'll list below and just for fun I invite you to add your own in the comment box. Knock yourself out and let those imaginations fly!

  • A Victorian Heroine capable of supporting herself without financial reference to significant male.
  • A Man. (Just for the experience of really knowing what that felt like.)
  • Helicopter Pilot. (I've always like the idea of being in control of flight.)
  • Psychologist. (Although with my job I think I'm half way there already.)
  • Lara Croft. (I know...)
  • Undercover Agent.
  • A Cat Thief who never got caught.


  1. i could happily be any one of my characters .... of either sex... at least the ones to whom i've given happy endings!!!! if i had to narrow the choices down... i guess i'd pick the chick in once and future love, and lochlan in silver's lure... for some reason, i find him the sexiest of all the guys i created for that trilogy. or maybe it's because i visualize him as looking like the guy on the cover of once and future love :).

  2. I think it'd be cool to be the president of a fountain pen company. A good fountain pen company.

  3. A Victorian hero with the financial resources of a significant male (but with electric lights, running water, and decent toilets).

    A woman (just for the experience of knowing what "that" felt like).

    Jet fighter pilot (helicopters are too spooky to fly, and besides, girls drool over jet fighter pilots in uniform).

    Medical doctor, so I could treat myself for free.

    Ernest Hemingway, before he became all loopy and maudlin.

    Ummm ...

    A thief who steals stray cats and places them in good homes.

    And re Annie, I would not want to be any of my characters; they do not come to good ends most of the time.

    But really, I am the most fortunate human being I know, so I wouldn't chance ending up with less than I have now.

  4. Thanks to you all for joining in the fun, sorry it's taken me a while to respond to you but emails keep me so busy these days:-)

  5. I'd like to be my wife and then I would understand everything I don't at the moment!

    Well, it makes sense to me.

  6. Good on you John for even considering the possibility. Now there's a man of True Grit!


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