Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Quill.

My sister gave me the most beautiful venetian glass pen with a nib for Christmas. I like to call it a Quill, it adds to the romance you understand although I suspect that technically, it would be classed as a dip pen for ink.

I haven't used it yet because the ink that came with it needs an inkwell which wouldn't look right out of context so I feel that a writing slope or writing box is in order too. These come in a variety of prices and design depending what the customer is looking for. As you might expect, I would prefer something vintage, reminiscent of bygone days in keeping with a time where the rustle of silken skirt could be heard along the well polished corridor leading to the drawing room for afternoon tea. Men will be standing around handsomely in uniform but without the war bit that follows. In my picture there is no war.

I will use my pen to create beautiful words beautifully scribed on parchment paper that has a faint scent of rose petals. I will seal the envelope with candle wax pressed with my initials before carefully covering my arranged hair with a bonnet, taking up my shawl and hurrying to catch the post.

When I return, I will go to my room to tidy away the evidence of creative employment. I will put the inkwell back in it's place alongside my Quill and blotter. I will check that the letters I keep tied up with ribbon are in tact within the secret compartment and that the key is safely caught up on the velvet band around my elegant neck.

Across the heavy bed I'll lie and dream of lovers by and by.
My hair unravelled, caught hither and thus between full red lips in need of a kiss.
Where are you my love?... my letters will sigh and you will come to me...yes, by and by.

All of these things I shall do when I find a writing box for the inkwell in which to dip my new Quill.


  1. Nice. One of the most wonderful things in the world is a fine pen in the hand of someone with a flare for penmanship. I don't have that. I have a love for fine pens, but my words could be scrawled by a monkey with a crayon. Nevertheless, my barbarous scratching feels somehow elevated when executed through a well-flowing, fine nib.

  2. Umm ... besides nice pens, I am still enthralled by what you had to say.

  3. Beds, flowing hair, red lips, lovers? Methinks there's more to this than creative writing.

    The pen is mightier than the s word.

    Go for it Boxie!

  4. yum. the pen is mightier than the sword!!! so true!!!

  5. Brad: You are quite right, there is nothing like the feel of a good pen to take you to some higher plain.

    Don: I'm glad you are still able to find time to drop in considering how busy you must be with the move.

    John: Very clever word play and you understand me well I think.

    Annie: Lovely to see you in the comment box again. I'll try my best to keep you interested as I find your site fascinating.

  6. Great minds, Boxie.

    Pens? Inkwells? Methinks there is still more here than meets the eye, Horatio. ha ha.

  7. What a lovely slice of time travel. I'm off to pinch my cheeks for gentleman callers. Anon.

  8. Welcome to the blog Kim, I have noticed your comments before on John and Don's blogs. I will of course return the compliment and the visit.
    Come back anytime, you are in good company.

  9. What a wonderful gift. I have always wanted to have a fine pen like that but my horrible penmanship and perpetuity to loose pens stops me from enjoying such a thing for myself.

  10. Matt: Every writer deserves to have a good pen> Go out and treat yourself, you're worth it.

  11. I Live Just Down The Road From Howarth! Are You One Of The Bronte's In Disguise?:)

  12. Tony: Welcome, welcome, very glad to see you over here.
    I have been to Howarth many moons ago, fascinating place I must say. I sometimes think that I was indeed born into the wrong Century, particularly when we visit Stately Homes and I have no problem at all imagining myself taking tea on the extensive lawns.

    Then I wake up and eat 3 Shredded Wheat!


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