Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Wrong Clothes.

Q: How do we find out which clothes suit us?

A: By experimenting with the ones that do not.

We try on clothes in many different colours and styles as we go through life to see if they fit and match our expectations. Sometimes we are fortunate and find exactly the right garment for the right occasion but mostly the majority of us are faced with a near match rather than a perfect fit and in all likely hood we tell ourselves that these will do, we have found a style which suits, these are the clothes for us.

We settle with and accept the decisions we have made only to wake up twenty years down the line and realise we have spent a life time in the wrong clothes. Or, the clothes did fit but now they are too small/large, they irritate us, a few are cosy and comfortable, familiar even but they are not in keeping with our life style anymore.

What do you do?

  • Stay as you are, after all you and those clothes go back a long way.
  • Put them in the charity bag and wave goodbye.
  • Rip them up, regret it and try to sew them back together.
  • Mix and match.
  • None of the above, you don't have the energy to care.

Deep down you have this niggling feeling that somewhere in the world there is a set of clothes that would better suit your needs, if you only had the courage and strength to reach out and claim them.


  1. One of the hardest questions to answer: Do you have the courage to change your life?

    Induces fear and trembling. Good post.

  2. i have sweaters i loved and still miss... i hate getting rid of clothes i love... sigh....

  3. What about naked? (Not me, of course.)

  4. Brad: Exactly. I suppose the answer can only be yes when the frustration of where you are is greater than the fear of where you're going.

    Annie: Sweaters, yes, but thinking more about development and loss V's loss through development.

    Don: I think I commented once on a post of yours by quoting W.B.Yeats's poem The Coat, which ends with the line 'There is more enterprise in walking naked.'

    Perhaps that's not such a bad idea.

  5. It's what other people wear that makes us reassess our wardrobe - and ourselves. I think the secret is to dress smart casual. Smart casual never goes out of style. My dress suit, on the other hand, came back into fashion four times before I replaced it with a white dinner jacket (James Bond eat your heart out, lol.)

    Walking naked? Did Kirk ever do that?

  6. Thanks for those words of wisdom John. I quite like the idea of being smart and casual when it comes to dealing with all that life throws at us.

  7. Oh Dear, You Just Reminded Me Of A Red Leather Shirt Someone Brought Me From Germany 20 years ago............... (I will now go & lay down in a darkened room......)

  8. Sell them, that's what I always did when I switched trends as a kid. Now I just wear clothes that if I were to die right now, those who saw my body wouldn't look at me and my clothes and take pity on me.

  9. Hi Tracey,
    Interesting post. Are you by any chance on the week in The Artists Way when you clear out your cupboards? Hows that going by the way?

    As to clothes, mm.., well I find my weight shoots up and down so I am constantly forced to revamp outfits. When I was seventeen I made my own clothes and walked around in what I thought was a very beautiful, gold coat with multi-coloured stitching on it, but which my family called curtains. No taste, lol.

    Changing clothes, looks, yes I'm all for it, nothing like a make over to cheer you up.)

    Happy day,


  10. I remember that comment, boxie. Okay, for thee, I am naked on the streets of Buenos Aires. Read about it in your local paper.

  11. I believe that when I wrote this post I was using clothes as an analogy for life but now you've got me thinking seriously about the state of my wardrobe which is a scary thought indeed.

    Don, I am concerned about bail conditions in B.A. should you see fit to throw caution to the wind.

    Sarah: I haven't reached that week yet as I took a break over Christmas and need to pick up where I left off.

    Matt: Or would they see a sharp looking young man setting a trend?

    Tony: Sorry if this post evoked bad memories for you.

    Thanks to you all for commenting. great to have you over, next time bring the wine and we'll chew some serious fat.


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