Friday, 20 February 2009

No Worse, There is None.

That's it, no more. You've had it with rejection letters, it's time to stop this nonsense and think about the future. There was no way this was ever going to be more than a hobby and someone has to pay the bills. Get the cardboard boxes out, put all your notebooks, manuscripts, reference books and tapes in them. Pack away the computer -

What was that?

Oh, OK, leave the computer it'll be useful when you want to grocery shop and compare road tax prices etc. Change the calenders from deadlines to school runs, after school clubs and don't forget that Conference in a couple of weeks time. Has your suit been dry-cleaned, more than your jobsworth if not. At least you can have meaningful conversations with colleagues about soft furnishings or the greenhouse instead of thinking of plot lines, characters and build up to a dramatic conclusion.

Your wife/husband will be thrilled to have you around in the evening, just as they got control of the remote too. Think of all those parties, dinners, cheese and wine events you'll be able to accept not to mention helping out the PTA and going down the pub with your mates. Did someone mention decorating?

Nip to Tesco's this very minute and stock up on all the 2 for £7 offers in the book isle without one moment of regret or bitterness for the embossed name of the author on the cover who signed a contract after only a few hundred rejections and as many sleepless nights before seeing the fruit of their labours come to pass, the dream realised in hardback glory. You did your best, no-one could ask for more.

And if that small voice inside does happen to lament and mourn the loss of creative impulse, silence them with a couple of beers, bottle of vodka, good wine/cheap wine, they won't know the difference...

Whatever it takes to anesthetize and smother the persistent grief stricken cry of abandoned self.


  1. ouch. sounds like you got a rejection? if it helps, i was rejected over 90 times before i sold my first book. and i quit a few times too... but the characters started eating their way out of my head and i had to start up... just to make them shut up. xoxox to your boo-boo... :)

  2. You gotta tell me how you got this mirror on your blog. I looked and looked for that mirror widget, but couldn't find it.


  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    I wrote this piece in sympathy for a dear friend having doubts about the quality of their work and then had to eat my words when I checked email messages to find a rejection slip of my very own.

  4. What mirror?

    I kept all my rejections, it's kind of a fetish thing. Most are in a shoe box, but some, the longer letter ones, are in a file cabinet. I haven't counted them in a long time, I suppose because I have been lucky enough not to have gotten any lately, the last decade or so anyway, but I seem to remember there being hundreds of them.

    Rejections, as my old pappy used to say about other things, ain't worth warm spit.

    Thanks ... Tracey.

  5. Talent is a gift and you have it. Don't give up, Boxie. You'll have me to answer to if you do.

  6. Dear John, (Mm, that sounds familiar) thank you for your words of encouragement. Onwards and upwards eh!

  7. Forward Boxie ... just forward - into the limelight, then take a bow.


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