Sunday, 1 March 2009

Woman on the Edge.

Does anyone know where I might get hold of a good outboard engine?


  1. Or a sail at least Annie. Yes, a sail would certainly help.

  2. Sorry.I'm all out of board motors! You planning a trip?

  3. I seem to have misplaced my oars Tony and it's such a drag trying to get anywhere quickly in this tub.

  4. Why not a man with a paddle?

    On the other hand, you look so lovely and yet forlorn just drifting around there, that I'm sure there are twenty men on the shore waving paddles over their heads, trying to get your aloof attention.

    Ignore those upstarts. Keep an eye out for your true knight.

  5. Forlorn, moi! How beautifully romantic.

    Did you have a good lunch? I have been catching up with a few of your earlier posts while you were out. (Happily this boat does at least have Wi-Fi:)

  6. Lol!) perhaps she should learn to swim, but then she'd get her dress all mucky.
    Thanks fot that.

  7. Did someone say they needed a paddle?

    Oh wait. The other kind of paddle. Excuse me.

  8. Hello Ms Forlorn of 2009.

    Yes, lunch was good, but then, it hasn't yet not been good or better than good since we got here ... except the one time I was just too lazy to walk a block or two to one of the astonishingly fine restaurants in our barrio, and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using the Argentine version of peanut butter -- which ain't.

    Our weekend lunches are so wonderful and so gigantic that we find we no longer eat dinner weekend evenings; there's just no place to put any more food.

    There is a fine danger in having half a dozen of the best restaurants in a city of 12 million people located with a three square block area from our flat.

    I see that Brad has exposed his s&m tendencies. Now who's a cheeky bastard?

  9. The choice of restaurants sounds wonderful and I'll wager excellent wine to match. Not too sure about the peanut and jelly monstrosity though.

    Unfortunately, I only get to eat what I catch and I'm half sick of trout to be sure.

    As for that naughty Brad, he would be more at home in M&S than S&M.

    I must go and sing into a cracked mirror now and see if there is any sign of Lancelot, I sent him to Tesco's hours ago...

  10. Selchie: I knew it would take another English gal to really appreciate the humour here. I gotta tell you, I am sorely tempted to make a swim for it or be forever Miss Havisham waiting, waiting, waiting...

  11. Tesco? Hours ago? You and I both know that nobody could spend more than an hour in Tesco, even with a 10-page shopping list. Have Lancelot followed.

    Now Liberty House, on the other hand ...

    You are suggesting Marks and Spencer for Brad? He might be more comfortable at The Texas Embassy in downtown London. I'll try to attach a picture of it here.


    But if it didn't appear, I'll send it to you attached to an email.

  12. Yes, I remembered that had you had spent some time over here, but Liberty House...Harrods surely?

    As for having Lancelot followed, we have an understanding that if either one of us were to get lucky it would be rude not to oblige. (We are under no illusions in that department.)

    Thank you for the picture which I just looked at in my email. Oh Brad, I shall come and visit you never fear, if I could just get this motor to work. Do you know, I think I may be taking on water?
    ' There's a hole in my boat dear Brad, dear Don, there's a hole in my boat, dear Brad/Don, a hole...'

  13. You aren't in London, actually, are you? Your ISP is in Robin Hood's old haunt.

    Harrods is too full of itself, and I like all the old wood, creaky floors, odd angles, and old stuff in Liberty House. But I only go in and out of London proper; most of the time I stay in Hampstead and ride the tube or bus in and out for London adventures. The photo of me connected with my Google commenting account was taken in the yard of one of the houses where I usually stay in Hampstead, only a few blocks from the pub I use as a "cafe" when I'm there: The George.

    You should send along the picture of the Texas Embassy to Brad. Down here we got a news note saying there was serious flooding in Texas ... which is an awfully big place ... but I did give passing thought to Brad's ability to swim. And if not, let's hope his boat isn't leaking.

    In that case ... wouldn't Lancelot more likely be Arthur?

    I am working well enough on the real thing that I can't generate even one interesting sentence for the webblog.

    Who provided you with a motor, by the way?

  14. How perceptive of you to notice that I do indeed reside not far from Sherwood Forest.

    As for London, I lived there for 5 years both as a student and afterwards to work. I think I went into Liberty once when we were having a tourist day out. I didn't buy anything but did make a point of purchasing two poetry books from Harrods which I still have today. One of them includes The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson, which is of course the subject of the painting I use for a picture. I always liked it and have a framed print which still remains my favourite of all the Pre-Raphaelite subjects.

    I will send the picture to Brad as I haven't heard from him in a while, I didn't know about the floods so hope all is well there.

    Arthur, Lancelot, Robin...could'a would'a should'a.

    Glad the real writing is coming along and as for the motor, if you want something doing...

  15. Are you sure it's a woman? Looks like the bloke from 'Shameless' to me. Although, what he'd be doing wearing his grandmother's clothes and riding side-saddle on a boat doesn't bear thinking about.
    As for you taking on water - have you considered bailing out?

  16. How very dare you and I'll have you know this dress is vintage!

    (I have put in a request for armbands but there's a waiting list.)

  17. Did you say a wading list? Is it dogs and old men first? My mother's uncle, Thomas Everett, died when the Titanic sank - his arm bands were useless.


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