Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I saw Jesus on a number 2 bus...

and like a moth to the flame felt disturbingly and inexplicably drawn by the presence of this curious force within our midst. I listened to his conversation with the man next to him (who could easily have been Simon Peter,) alert for any vile unfavourable words that would surely blow his cover but there were none - he was eloquent, intelligent and polite to those around him. Skinny frame, long coat with scarf wrapped loosely around his neck like a student, (which in reality was nearer the truth,) and had me thinking about the man himself and how he might have mingled with everyday folk.

When we got stuck in traffic he leant his head against the window. From where I sat I could clearly see the contours of his model-like beauty gently framed by the morning sun. Late 20's, maybe 30, certainly no more. Centred. Still. Contained. At peace within his own skin, unruffled by the crowded bus and bodies pressed together around him.

"Hello, I'm on the bus, gonna be really late, can you let the boss know - thanks."

He opened his eyes and smiled generously at the girl next to me as she stuffed her phone back in her bag, saw me notice that she did not before drifting off again. I took the opportunity to stare which he sensed and I had to divert my gaze afraid of what he might see, conscious of my transparency.

He offered a helping hand to an elderly lady as we got off before striding confidently into the throngs. I craned my neck over bobbing heads for a last glimpse, unwilling to break away without some hint of recognition until he became submerged in the crowd leaving me behind to contemplate the impossible.


  1. Well, you never know. But since I'm a blasphemer, I'd have written him picking his nose.

    This also reminds me of Salter's mention in Burning Days of catching a glimpse of a nude woman through a window when he was a boy.

    With senses that funnel the universe at large into something manageable by us, I don't see any reason why god couldn't appear in the curve of a thigh or in the warmth of that dude's generous smile. In fact, that'd be the easiest way to send a message.

    Burning bush, indeed.

  2. ... unwilling to break away without some hint of recognition ...

    You rascal, you.

  3. I have my own thoughts on the matter Brad with plenty of room for debate but there have been only a couple of times in my life when a stranger's presence had stopped me in my tracks and this was one of them.

    John, don't you find it amazing when you catch the eye of a passing stranger and for a split second on some other level, the world stands still?

  4. My rather flippant response was because, I always thought I was the only one who expienced that. It is the most eerie of feelings-like they were a huge part of our life before that day (which, seriously,I am convinced they were). It's that heart stopping moment when you realise you want to run after them and ask if they have the same feeling - maybe it's best we don't. And you're right, the world does stand still as something of them is left in the air around you -the electricity of eyes meeting and a brief, but astonishing, joining of minds.

    Now look what you made me do - I've gone all spiritual. Stop looking at me, woman! I could get used to it.

  5. I am looking at you John, very closely indeed, in fact I have my beady eye on you!

    (Did you get my email?)

  6. Yep and it was good to put a face and voice to the name - thanks.

    I'm sure the film script idea will be a winner. Who's playing me? Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Clint eastwood, or is it that roughneck Jack Nicholson? Daffy Duck??? Who the hell is Daffy Duck?

    More to the point who's playing you?

  7. I think I'll stay away from this one.

  8. Lovely to talk to you today John, thanks again for taking the time. My very best wishes to you and your family and hope to chat again before too long.

  9. Don, you and your comments are always welcome here.

  10. God Moves In Mysterious Ways..........


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