Monday, 6 April 2009

Not drowning, waving.

I am aware that using my Phrase For Today slot has been useful for filling the 'post' gap when time and ideas are limited. In my defence, I have been snowed under of late with reading and research for a project which is still in it's infancy and requires much of my attention and is actually quite a lot a fun too. I know that one or two of you are also dedicating time to various personal creative pursuits and although we are not in as much contact as we might have been, we are, I feel, all pushing along the same road in the knowledge that somewhere out there kindred spirits shadow the path we tread.

It's a comforting notion.

So, whether you're hammering out the next 5 thousand words, (Brad,) rewriting, (John) or experiencing a natural creative retreat between books, (Don,) then I salute you all and other's besides,(Matt, Sarah, Keith, Annie, Tony.) My writing life has been enriched by your presence here and beyond the confines of blogesphere into genuine, rewarding friendships with most, if not all of you, which I hope will last for years to come.

I'll leave you with this little snippet I found in my writing magazine this morning which made me laugh being the world's worst procrastinator. It's attributed to Mark Twain and reads:

A good writer is one who has the ability to apply the seat of his pants to the seat of a chair.
Now I must go and tidy up the laundry cupboard!


  1. My life has definitely been enriched by knowing you. Lots of luck with your new project and thank you for the wishes.)

    Happy Monday.)

  2. I can't recall who it was that said it, but some writer once went so far as to sew his pants to a chair each day in order to get work done. I'm assuming that he was wearing the pants while writing.

  3. Ditto Selchie.

    I am tired of this interlude, frankly speaking.

    I mean, how many times can a reasonable person "clean the cupboard?"

  4. Brad, I often think of you in front of your laptop and rejoice in the knowledge that you are finally getting to grips and realising the fruit of your labours. You remind me of Hercules and I know you will be triumphant too.

    Don, stop cleaning cupboards and start diving for pearls. (Ooh, what a lovely image. Wait for me, I just need to grab a towel and we'll dive in together.)

  5. Sarah, you are a lovely person and I wish you great happiness in all that you.

  6. you can skip the towel ... (he says with a leer)

  7. Been weighed down by flu this last week - and editing this last month! The idea of diving for anything, other than cover, at the moment sounds exciting - towel or no towel.

    You add a zing to the day's events Boxie.

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  9. Ha, bless you both, with or without the aid of a towel.

  10. i too enjoy stopping by - don't always comment - i know i should - slap wrist - but have to say you have been so generous in your comments on my site - keep on keeping will get there

  11. Steve! I knew there was someone else I meant to mention. Thanks for dropping by.


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