Thursday, 23 April 2009

Two Ladies.

Residents Lounge. Morning.

A: Can you see this chair?

B: Looks around and nods.

A: This is Sophie's chair. She sits here.

B: She does. (nodding in agreement.)

A: She didn't sit here yesterday though.

B: No. (listening intently.)

A: She sat over there on that other chair.

B: She didn't!

A: Her chair's over here not over there.

B: She wants telling.

A: Aye, that's what I said. (nodding vigorously.) You shouldn't sit in other people's chairs.

B: No, you shouldn't. (pause) Who's chair is that?

A: Where?

B: Next to you.

A: I've just told you! It's Sophie's chair.

B: Oh. (pause) Haven't seen her for a while, wonder how she is.

A: Who?


  1. Clever and amusing stuff Boxie. Reminded me of a recent conversation with my mother-in-law.

  2. This one made me smile. Nicely done. I think it's exciting to know that all these small pieces will come together one day under one big piece.

    Happy day, lovely,


  3. I think this is rather said, and I also think you intended it to be. It is especially close to we who are of an age to see that horizon coming closer.

  4. that is sad, not said, of course.

  5. John, Selchie and Don, thanks for your comments one and all.

    For reasons I won't go into here I recently happened to be in a residents lounge where I overheard a conversation very much like this one. This skeleton outline may or may not make it into the calling card script I'm working on but it's certainly a subject close to my heart.

  6. The script writing certainly puts your strengths up front and center. Keep going!

  7. A 'who's on first'done in a way that happens everyday. No one listens to anything.

  8. For these poor dears I think it was more about forgetting than not listening but I do take your point Matt. Thanks for popping in, especially since I am well overdue to visit your place.

  9. Chairs, it seems are the same the World over! I had many similar conversations when visiting my Mum as she was getting old.
    And Shoes! I remember being the center of conversation for the whole room --for a whole hour!-when i came a visiting once.
    [It comes to us all i guess............]

  10. Hi Lovely Lady,
    congrats you won one of my birthday presents!! Please drop me an email to let me know what you would like.)

    Happy day,



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