Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Phrase for Today.

Can't write, won't write.
Not at the moment anyway.
The truth is I'm in a waiting room, not sure where but I can see you and hear you, you are still within reach - just.
Don't know when this withdrawal will end but it doesn't necessarily follow that this is an unpleasant place to be. More about knowing than doing for the time being.

Here's a little something to bridge the gap while we wait.

For I see now that I am asleep that I dream when I am awake.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca (1600-81) Spanish playwright and poet. Life is a Dream (1635), Act 2


  1. theres a time to write and a time to ... not write. enjoy the rest. :)

  2. Is this your version of floundering?

  3. Thanks Annie for dropping in and for the words of wisdom.

    Don, I'm not sure about the floundering bit. It's not an idea's problem more a demand on time in other areas with not much left over God I'm too knackered to even think let alone write, sort of problem.

    Hooray for motherhood!

  4. Everything Has A Rythmn.You Can Only Go Where The Most Energy Is.

  5. Having the opposite problem with time can produce the same result, or rather, lack of results. But given the choice, I will take having too much time over too little. Floundering is not about time, it is more mental.

  6. I know the feeling Boxie. Going through the same tunnel at the moment. Although, there is light at the end of it - a pinprick currently, but I have the feeling it will grow.

  7. I need to wake up John, before it's too late.

    May your pinprick become the shaft of light which leads you to the door.

  8. Hi Lovely,

    I'm sure you will be right on time. You're writing is great. I read through all your blog a few weeks ago and you know, you're very funny! I have faith in you.))

    happy days sweet,


  9. You read through the whole blog Selchie, I'm gobsmacked! Maybe I should get back to being funny instead of worrying about the world and his wife.

    I keep having a little check over on your place and see you're set to return on the new blog in June, I have circled it in my diary in PEN.

  10. I especially liked your set of box office definitions at the beginning. Definitley you should stop worrying and just write. I think if you do one day you will suddenly realise you have something. I miss your writing posts.)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hope to be back early June, last weeks have been manic not in writing way. Will keep in touch.

    Big hugs,



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