Friday, 5 June 2009


Is there someone I can talk to about the mailing list please?

Sure, how can I be of help?

Well, we received mail this morning for my sister who passed away a few days ago. Do you think you could remove her name from your data?

I'm terribly sorry to hear that. If you'd like to give me the address details for your sister I'll take care of that for you.

Thank you.

( I stared at her name, address, postcode, email, telephone number and booking history before clicking 'Archive'. The computer asked if I was sure I wanted to delete this persons' details? Click yes/no. I clicked 'yes' and she was gone forever.)


  1. We are all being digitized and I think a monkey somewhere is working on tugging the black cord from the wall.

  2. Tracy, lately your posts look like you are putting together some disparate pieces to see if they make a whole ... yes? It is interesting to watch this work as it develops right in front of our eyes.

  3. Hi Brad, good to see you in this neck of the woods.
    I was struck that so little effort was required in striking out what was essentially someones' life. Puff, gone just like that.

    Hello Don, I have been reading your blog although not commenting on everything so good to see you too.
    The posts are more about putting something out on the blog while I tinker away with other things in the background. Generally they are relative to what I'm reading at the moment or simply things I overhear and remember. I might make something of them and then again...

    Thanks again for popping in both of you.

  4. yes..........That Cyber-Question 'are You Sure You want to Delete?' .It's a biggy!Thankful,in reality..... .Memory & Influence are more stuborn than that!Some Things are,Thankfully, un~deletable!

  5. Until the memories start to fade Tony and then we truly become grains of sand shifting around in the desert that was life.


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