Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Coming Home.

When I started this blog just over a year ago it was because it seemed an ideal, instant way of reaching people with my thoughts and muses on subjects close to my heart. It began with frustration over work issues and developed through into creative experiments, some that worked, some that didn't work and a few that have taken on a life of their own. I virtually met some very good people and have even spoken to a couple of them by phone which has been wonderful. One of those lovely people suggested, after reading through the whole blog, (poor love,) that perhaps I had lost my way. Having started off as myself, (naturally a very funny person, it's true!) the tone had dampened into something more serious, perhaps even sombre.

I have been thinking about this.

This morning I read the latest post on Don Merritt's website which you can find here. http://doniganmerritt.typepad.com/donigan_merritt/ entitled: 'Sage advice from a sage-less writer.'

It's worth reading for many reasons.
  • It's well written and I would expect nothing less from a published writer.
  • The advice is sound and based on years of experience.
  • We have all found ourselves caught one time or another in the trap of trying to be someone other than ourselves when it comes to writing, myself included. Perhaps via flattery or for reasons best known to ourselves we adopt an approach which we tell ourselves feels right, a bit like buying a new pair of shoes that we really want and are willing to ignore blisters in order to wear.

I'm not sure that anything I write now or in the future will outlive me but I take great comfort from Don's final sentence because deep down I'm not too worried. It's been great just to be around and have the chance to chew the fat. If you got any more from my posts other than a smile, then that's a definite bonus.


  1. Here's what I have always enjoyed and appreciated about your blog, Tracey. I'll use your listing approach.

    The insight into real world, commonplace, conversations you put here the times you seem to be testing an idea.

    When you're funny, especially when you are irreverently funny.

    Watching how you develop story ideas in public, which I would not think of doing -- very brave.

    The way you treat your regular readers as as they were friends you just had over for dinner last weekend.

    How you handle your writing failures equally with your writing successes, like a mother with her children, some of whom really are brighter than others, some of whom are really not quite ready for prime time, and yet all are loved and treated equally.

    I like it that you work in a box office. I firmly believe that far from being any kind of handicap, it is a benefit for writers to employ themselves in the real world, and not in the artificial literary life some want to make for themselves. Working in some incestuous literary environment and also writing is, pardon the phrase, however apt, like shitting where you eat.

    Finally, playing around with a blog for a writer is better than dusting the shelves a fourth time when you can't get it to come out the way you know it has to come out.

    More, Tracey, keep at it.

  2. I agree we all the above.
    +Blogging is such a new form that "rules" dont exist......we have no parameters. In a Way , we are all creating the rules for the Future now!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly Tony, but I think that somewhere along the way I forgot that rules were made to be broken and got a little trapped in what I believed,(for some insane reason,)was expected of me.
    Thank you, as always, for your continued and welcome visits. Your blog has always held a deep fascination for me.

    Dear Don, you are absolutely right about the job and I have always known that despite the frustrations of dealing with the general public on a daily basis, they are the blood and bones of reality. The irony is not lost on me that the job and writing about it, go hand in hand.

    Your compliments have been noted young man.

  4. Don't fear a tone change. Tones have seasons, emotions change.

  5. Your blog, do what you like. I like what you are doing here...found you through one of my followers.

  6. Matt, thanks as always. For some reason Blogger won't update your website for me, I'll try and fix that.

    Plenty More Fish - I have spent the last 20 minutes laughing my head off over your blog and hope to see you here again soon.

  7. Hope plentymorefishoutofwater found you through me - my blog started about just over a year ago - things have moved on for me in the last few weeks - i'm now officially freelance ie I have been "let go" by my employer (thank the f**k) - always liked reading your blog but haven't commented like i used to (some mental health issues got in the way) - keep it going mate - you're good, looking forward to that commission from you ... Steve

  8. Steve, apologies all round really for not being more present in your neck of the woods too.
    Good for you for making a go of your dream, it's people like you who spur people like me on. Don't ever worry about time lapses in visiting, the door is always open here.

    Now about that commission...

  9. Love your blog - particularly the honesty. Maybe the serious sombre writing is just another side to you? We're all multi-dimensional (well,most of us anyway!) Looking forward to reading more.

    Kitty x


  10. Hey Kitty,
    Thanks for dropping by. I've just come back from your place where I spent a few pleasant moments laughing my head off at some of your antics. Looking forward to more too from you.

  11. Several times a day I will blog surf. For me it's the best way to find out what's going on in the world on a different level. It's more personal. Sure beats the television and newspapers. Blogs are like rollercoasters. They go up and down. So do the people that write them. The blog being an expression of one's self you can expect it to veer off of the original vision here and there. Sometimes I write a poem or something for my blog..I post it..read it again..and tell myself it's junk. Then I get e-mails from people who loved it. You never know what the end result will be where others are concerned. Today I needed a smile and I found it in the posts of your blog. Funny how us bloggers are connecting on so many different levels. Nice work.

  12. Hiding Myself...(good name) I must admit to being completely blown away by the last three comments on here, basically people I have never heard of before yesterday and today. I want to break out into a chorus of 'What a wonderful world...'

    Lovely heartwarming comments and much appreciated. I am on my way this very minute to your virtual house to see you. Thank you for popping in, next time there will be tea and cake...I love cake!


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