Thursday, 8 October 2009

Windows and Doors.

We've been busy with home improvement the last week or so. After 18 years of living in a drafty house we have finally succumbed to the modern wonder that is double glazing. Our new front door is the smartest on the street - nay, the Shire, I kid you not. These days it's a pleasure to put the key in the door rather than a foot to it in order to gain access to our small kingdom. The kitchen window actually opens, don't even get me started on the bedroom and condensation is a thing of the past as are rotten flaky sills.

Those good fellows put their backs into it and within a couple of days the only home our family has ever known was transformed. A surgeon's knife could not have done better nipping and tucking to reveal a splendid new face to the world at large making us the envy of the neighbourhood to be sure. A dentist could not be prouder of the whiter than white frames gleaming proudly like newly fixed crowns you can't help but touch and explore. It's a new house without the hassle of moving and yet...

For all the beauty and comfort our recent investment brings, I miss the old front door. I miss the dirty hand prints permanently stuck to the paint which used to be white until we gave up trying to disguise years of frustration over swollen wood which never closed properly except with a good kick. I miss the tut-tutting of the postman as he struggled to push basic envelopes through the booby trapped letter box until we were forced to help the door deliver her unborn mail. I miss turning down the TV to listen to the neighbourhood on a Saturday night because the slightest noise became audible through the rickety panes of glass. But most of all I am sad for all the memories tossed into the back of the tradesman's van such as the very first time we brought our children home as tiny promises of what they would become.

So I guess we had better get busy creating new memories to befit our elevated position in the heady world of modern living; although I think our youngest read my thoughts and made a start by digging her nails into the wet seal around the bathroom window. Wait 'til I get my hands on that girl...


  1. Nice. We're in the middle of a kitchen remodel ourselves. It's good to do such things now and then.

  2. If the renovations are anything like here you'll be cleaning dust up for weeks.

  3. Ha ha, yes if my kids are anything to go by it wont stay too pristine for long...)

    Hope you are well lovely,



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