Wednesday, 11 November 2009


With great sadness we watch the news as yet more of our soldiers are brought home slowly through our streets to their final resting place. We wonder at the waste of life both here and abroad, military and domestic and question our presence in these countries at all.

I wore my poppy today and felt how deeply pertinent and relative to the daily lives of serving families it has become. I wore it for them and for all victims of war.

James Blunt wrote a song called 'Carry You Home' drawing on his own experiences of combat which I would like to leave you with now. The sentiment is far stronger than I could ever hope to achieve with mere words.


  1. I am lucky, my father survived his 22 years in the service. Nice choice by Mr. Blunt.

  2. I am glad for you Patrick that your dad came out unscathed. Being a member of the armed forces these days is a precarious business to be sure. I thank them for their duty and am thankful not to be one of them or a civilian in a country full of suspicion concerning them.


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