Monday, 16 November 2009

Welcome to My World.



He fixes me with that look.


Oh nothing, just checking out your choice of wardrobe that's all - keep your hair on.


I log on. He watches me from beneath half closed lids while tapping away on his mobile. I sense he's on the prowl and decide to get in first.

Andrew? I rest my chin onto knitted fingers and give him my best wide eyed and innocent.

May I help? Shoots me that 'give it your best shot' look.

Have you ever felt the need to try on women's clothes?

He pauses. I've got him now.

No, you snarled toothed old crone - Have you?

Damn that boy.


  1. Hi Lovely, just to let you know you were picked for a copy of my book. Can you email me your address again?...)
    Nice post btw - a smiler)

  2. Well, me hearties! I see you quite enjoy the wicked side of box office life. Plenty more where that came from I can assure you. But less is more so I must be careful not to overdo and feed you bite sized morsels only. Too much of a good thing and all that.

    Thanks to Selchie for the book, do check her blog over on Purple Shaggy Cows - see left side bar for link please, she's well worth the visit.


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