Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Blog is Dead Long Live the Don.

It saddens me that Don Merritt can no longer be found blogging randomly from that corner of cyberspace I have long associated with him ever since we came into contact with each around eighteen months ago. He was part of my daily Internet checks starting with email - blog - followed by Don or Brad's blog depending on who had posted most recently followed by anyotherbusiness. In virtual terms, I know these garden gates and paths like the back of my hand but now one of those houses is empty, vacant, return to sender, address unknown.

Coincidentally, just as I joined Facebook to see what all the fuss was about, Don joined too. Brad was already there as was Rose and a few others have cropped up along the way so we are once again reunited in friendship with a great big Hooray!

I will continue to blog onwards and hopefully upwards. It is time consuming and there is always the fear that the little bit of creative energy I had in me that day was spent on the blog rather than 'the next big thing' on the best seller list but I'm happy to continue for now. Don has his reasons and I must say that on the whole I can see where he's coming from. He has 'killed his darlings' as one famous quote has it in order to realise the bigger picture which for a Novelist is sometimes the only way to go.

The Blog is dead but you can still find Don on Facebook looking very much alive, well and ready for the next big adventure. Isn't that right Don?