Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Circus is Coming to a Town Near You.

I've got that hands in pockets scuffing in the dirt kind of feeling since finishing the script and today the weather is very hot-hot. There are of course many other things I could be working on but...just can't quite raise an eyebrow to them at the mo'. Considering I've not actually posted the damn thing anywhere yet I suppose I ought to get used to the waiting or better still fill the time with something useful. At least I'm reading again, I find I can't do both, read and write at the same time I mean but then I always was an all or nothing kind of girl.

What was that...? Oh, sorry, it's called Another Night at the Circus by my good friend Rose Hunter.

You can find her over at: Now don't get me wrong, I like to think I've lived but Alex, the main character in the book, well this girl has really lived and I have to say that reading about her adventures puts me in touch with my wild side, she gives a girl a sense of liberation, of being in control of her own destiny even when the going gets tough - and it does. When I pick up this book I want to let my hair down, put my shades on and just go with the flow. It's a good feeling, you should try it.


  1. Thanks for reading Tracey! I'm honoured. :)

  2. The pleasure is all mine Rose, although I must confess that when I wrote this yesterday I had only read a couple of chapters. I'm on the final chapter now and when I'm done I'll write a fuller review for Amazon. In the mean time - you go girl!

  3. Tracey, wouldn't you love to spend an evening with Rose and a bottle and listen to her stories?

  4. Yes I would Don, my eyes have well and truly been opened.

    I love our group you know.

  5. I have probably said this before on the blog or somewhere, but I am a small group person with a pathological aversion to crowds. For me, 4 people is a nice group to have interesting conversations with; six people is the maximum number for any sort of cocktail or dinner party; eight people is a big crowd; ten people is too many for anything; and over ten is a mob.

    Donko's Dozen is about all my little blog can handle.

  6. Thanks Tracey, re this post and Amazon. So generous of you.

    Hmm, my stories might be a disappointment. I also have a thing about groups (in person) - anything over two people and I tend to clam up a bit. But - I'd certainly have fun listening to your stories!

    I love our group too. Double smile. :) :)

  7. Did you get any feedback on your script yet?

  8. Donko's Dozen is made up of novelists, poets, maybe a script writer...a hotchpotch bag of interesting folk coming together from far flung places all with one thing in common...Hm, I feel a movie script coming on.

    Rose, your stories were anything but disappointing. They made me sit up and take note of how tough it can be to survive in a world not a hundred yards from our own front doors and like Don, I wanted to know more about what happens to Alex. That last story made me shudder and worry for her but at the same time I admired her ability to change her surroundings at the drop of a hat. How many of us have the courage to just pick up and move on but don't through fear of the unknown? It's been a couple of days now since I finished reading but I'm still harping on about Alex to anyone who'll listen, what does that tell you?

    No news on the script yet, hope it's not gathering dust in an in-tray somewhere:-(


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