Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Waiting Game.

For those of you who drop in here from time to time, (thanks by the way,) you'll know that the posts have been a bit few and far between recently due to me putting every spare hour into developing a script idea. Well, the script is finished in as much as I've done and given all I can to it and today I handed it to my boss at work who has very kindly said he will read it. I feel sick and excited all at the same time.

I've worked in a box office for more than twenty years, ridiculous isn't it that it should take me until now to discover resources that have been staring me in the face all this time? Quite frankly I blame it on the kids, they will insist on being fed and clothed, then there's the bills to pay and before you know it dreams are shelved and become something you dust and chat about with friends every now and then...

A couple of years ago my steady, not unhappy world was rocked by the news that jobs in the box office were going to be streamlined which meant only one thing, redundancies. If I was going to make this writing thing work I needed to get a move on and so Boxofficegirl the blog was born. If I hadn't done that I would never have met Brad or through him Don who pointed out to me that I was not a novelist but rather a dramatist and maybe should spend some time working on that direction. You're not a Horse dear, go play with the Ostriches. I wrote to Don recently to thank him for the nudge into the next field, he underplayed his role as I knew he would but promises to be there on opening night. If there ever is such a thing I will most certainly hold him to his word; and if it all goes pear shaped?

I'll keep you posted.


  1. I guess it's good thing that you haven't had time to blog...myself as well. Diligently working on my second book and waiting for my proof copy of Venus and Mars from CreateSpace. I should ask Rose how long it took hers to come in ! Nice to see you doing well !!

  2. We'll be waiting here with you. I hope to read a joyful post soon and if not that, then a determined one.

  3. Hey Helen pointed me here. Do you remember me from the Wollaton Arms many moons ago? Congratulations on finishing the work on your script. I hope it comes to something for you. xx

  4. Hi Tracey, I am in Boulder, Colorado for a couple of weeks, and when I tried to sign in from not my usual ISP, I lost my previous comment. All I really wanted to say was that it certainly didn't take much attention to we who follow your blog to see that, based on virtually everything you posted, that your literary heart belonged to drama and dialogue.

    If you have much success with this at all, you will out-earn all we paltry novelists. I hope so. Then you can fly to wherever I am for a nice visit.

  5. Patrick, you are already a legend on this side of the pond as far as I'm concerned and when your book is out you can be sure that I will be ordering a copy.

    Brad:If you weren't there to share the news good or bad, then the news would not be worth writing about. How's your wattage now?

    Niki! A big welcome to you. I remember the Wollaton Arms but that's about all. Helen told me about your book and how well you're doing and I took a look at your web pages which were very impressive. Thanks for popping in and for the good wishes, there's always room for another one in this corner of cyberspace.

    Don: Colorado - WOW, yet another place I would love to see and a favourite with our man John D. You are a true and good man Don Merritt and one day I'll say that to you in person.

    Now let's hear it everybody..."Aspen, Colorado on a Saturday night, Jesse wishes she was at home..."

  6. And not forgetting..."The Colorado rocky mountain high, I've seen it rain and fire in the sky. Friends around the camp fire and every body's high..hi..high. Rocky mountain high in Colorado..."

  7. Congrats - & best of luck! (Hi Patrick - mine took a couple of months but this was a Mexico post thing - yours should take hardly any time at all.) Yes, be with the ostriches! I like ostriches. They are like off-kilter pears.

  8. "Yes, be with the ostriches! I like ostriches. They are like off-kilter pears. "

    Damn, that's a wonderful description, Rose!


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