Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Show Time!

Last Friday and Saturday night saw the curtain go up on the first ever Ilkeston Youth Theatre production and what a show it was. Songs, dance and plays, they did a cracking job and here are a couple of pic's for your perusal.

Above left is the opening number of Radio Ga Ga, and below, scenes from A Mining Disaster, a play set at the turn of the last century written by my good friend, Roy Scott.

The cast were in good voice and the audience were appreciative even on Friday when England were playing - I think it's fair to say judging by England's game that the youth theatre were leagues ahead when it came to giving an impressive performance.

We Will Rock You to the left here and to the right a scene from A Small Matter of the Heart written by yours truly. A short sketch about a group of rowdy teenagers in conflict with an elderly couple at the local bus stop.

It was a couple of evenings to be proud of not least because we saw our children in a whole new light. For their part, they've trodden the boards and acquired a taste for performance declaring they can't wait to get back into rehearsals and auditions for the Christmas show which will begin very soon. All I can say is well done Roy and Rowena for whipping them into pretty good shape and presenting a show we'll all remember for a very long time.

I promised my daughter I wouldn't cry and I didn't...not in front of her anyway.

Follow the link for more photo's http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=241276494020&v=photos&ref=ts

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Break a Leg.

With less than a week to go before their big night, the Ilkeston Youth Theatre group are all twitters and nerves as they buzz in and out of last minute rehearsals. I feel for them I really do, all that excitement and potential not to mention the camaraderie as they anticipate opening night on Friday. Bit of bad luck that England play their second match at the same time but the die hards will be there and there's always Saturday when the place will be rammed to the rafters with the guilty no-shows from the previous evening. As I said to my eldest - 'gives you a chance to get rid of the nerves'. So it's all go from here with props arriving and costume sorting to be done not to mention make-up. If she's told me once she needs to plaster herself in moisturiser before putting any on she's told me a hundred times already.

Today is technical rehearsal with instructions to 'please bring a snack'
Thursday is dress rehearsal from 6.30pm with an aim to be done by 9.30 'if all goes well'
Friday and Saturday is SHOW TIME at 7.30pm and tickets cost £4.00 no concessions -including me and I wrote one of the plays!

I'm very proud of them all but particularly of her as I've watched her bloom and grow (there's a song in there in somewhere,) over the past few months and she deserves her moment in the spot light this weekend. England game or no I'll be somewhere in the crowd, or could just possibly be the crowd, cheering them on and clapping until my hands smart as my girl makes her debut. I wouldn't miss it for the world (cup.)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Still Waiting...

Just an update on the situation regarding 'the script' as it's known round these 'ere parts.

Not much to tell so far as the boss, after three very long weeks for me, still has it in his possession and I've not heard so much as a whisper from the hallowed ground and well worn carpet of the admin' corridor. I'm thinking he's either; given it to someone else to read who's been away on holiday and only just got back, read it and forgotten all about it which doesn't bode well, not read it and forgotten all about it which bodes even less well, is using it to prop open his door on muggy/humid weather days, can't find the right moment to give me the bad news on what he really thinks...or...is so spell bound by the genius of a part time box office clerk is even now sitting at his desk with the phone glued to his ear desperately trying to broker a deal with an independent TV company.

My money's on the former.

Of course there is the other alternative...His job is a tad busier and more demanding than mine and although 'the script' is on his 'to do' list I doubt that his PA has seen any need to stamp URGENT all over it thus far.

Hm, I wonder what time she goes out for lunch..?

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Amazon Reviews for Another Night at the Circus.

Thought I'd throw this in for Rose who's probably going to link as well but every little helps as they say.


Reviews are written by both Don and myself, let's hope they help to bring in a few sales.