Sunday, 13 June 2010

Break a Leg.

With less than a week to go before their big night, the Ilkeston Youth Theatre group are all twitters and nerves as they buzz in and out of last minute rehearsals. I feel for them I really do, all that excitement and potential not to mention the camaraderie as they anticipate opening night on Friday. Bit of bad luck that England play their second match at the same time but the die hards will be there and there's always Saturday when the place will be rammed to the rafters with the guilty no-shows from the previous evening. As I said to my eldest - 'gives you a chance to get rid of the nerves'. So it's all go from here with props arriving and costume sorting to be done not to mention make-up. If she's told me once she needs to plaster herself in moisturiser before putting any on she's told me a hundred times already.

Today is technical rehearsal with instructions to 'please bring a snack'
Thursday is dress rehearsal from 6.30pm with an aim to be done by 9.30 'if all goes well'
Friday and Saturday is SHOW TIME at 7.30pm and tickets cost £4.00 no concessions -including me and I wrote one of the plays!

I'm very proud of them all but particularly of her as I've watched her bloom and grow (there's a song in there in somewhere,) over the past few months and she deserves her moment in the spot light this weekend. England game or no I'll be somewhere in the crowd, or could just possibly be the crowd, cheering them on and clapping until my hands smart as my girl makes her debut. I wouldn't miss it for the world (cup.)


  1. I'm glad you're doing this, Tracey. Following your progress is one of the more interesting aspects of my time on the Internet.

  2. Thanks Don, they're all so excited you can't help but get caught up too. Since handing the sketch/play over I've not had any input other than becoming a taxi service for rehearsals which is fine. I shall be just another member of the audience as far as she's concerned with a slightly more vested interest in the proceedings. I'll post something with photo's hopefully next time.

  3. Very cool. I look forward to the post-production update!


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