Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Show Time!

Last Friday and Saturday night saw the curtain go up on the first ever Ilkeston Youth Theatre production and what a show it was. Songs, dance and plays, they did a cracking job and here are a couple of pic's for your perusal.

Above left is the opening number of Radio Ga Ga, and below, scenes from A Mining Disaster, a play set at the turn of the last century written by my good friend, Roy Scott.

The cast were in good voice and the audience were appreciative even on Friday when England were playing - I think it's fair to say judging by England's game that the youth theatre were leagues ahead when it came to giving an impressive performance.

We Will Rock You to the left here and to the right a scene from A Small Matter of the Heart written by yours truly. A short sketch about a group of rowdy teenagers in conflict with an elderly couple at the local bus stop.

It was a couple of evenings to be proud of not least because we saw our children in a whole new light. For their part, they've trodden the boards and acquired a taste for performance declaring they can't wait to get back into rehearsals and auditions for the Christmas show which will begin very soon. All I can say is well done Roy and Rowena for whipping them into pretty good shape and presenting a show we'll all remember for a very long time.

I promised my daughter I wouldn't cry and I didn't...not in front of her anyway.

Follow the link for more photo's http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=241276494020&v=photos&ref=ts


  1. Congratulations, Tracey.

    Can you post the photos so that when you click on one you get a blow up?

    As a writer, you are where you belong, so full speed ahead.


  2. Your wish is my command Don. I've used photo's from the dress rehearsal which Roy added to the Youth Theatre's Facebook page and added a link to take you there. I have pictures of my own too and will probably write another post adding them in.


  3. Well done! Thanks for adding the photo link. I was going to ask the same thing.

  4. Thanks Brad and fingers crossed for your book.

  5. Sounds & Looks Like A Great Show.


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