Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Still Waiting...

Just an update on the situation regarding 'the script' as it's known round these 'ere parts.

Not much to tell so far as the boss, after three very long weeks for me, still has it in his possession and I've not heard so much as a whisper from the hallowed ground and well worn carpet of the admin' corridor. I'm thinking he's either; given it to someone else to read who's been away on holiday and only just got back, read it and forgotten all about it which doesn't bode well, not read it and forgotten all about it which bodes even less well, is using it to prop open his door on muggy/humid weather days, can't find the right moment to give me the bad news on what he really thinks...or...is so spell bound by the genius of a part time box office clerk is even now sitting at his desk with the phone glued to his ear desperately trying to broker a deal with an independent TV company.

My money's on the former.

Of course there is the other alternative...His job is a tad busier and more demanding than mine and although 'the script' is on his 'to do' list I doubt that his PA has seen any need to stamp URGENT all over it thus far.

Hm, I wonder what time she goes out for lunch..?


  1. Ha! Similar to my thought processes on my writing. My fingers are crossed for you. Start planning who you're going to show it to next, perhaps? That usually speeds things up, on a subjective level....

  2. Already on the case Rose and good to have you back!

  3. It helps to have an agent, because then you don't know any of this stuff; you only hear something with there's something to hear. In pre-agent days, I learned quickly to move on. There are two separate processes at work: one of them is creative, when you are working on something; the other is placement, when you are trying to find someone to buy the work you have already finished. It helps to give priority to the first one and let the second one be something you do when you're bored or can't work or can't find anything better to do -- and treat it like that in your mind. Work is first, selling is a necessary evil. And evil it most certainly is. That's why one of the usual gods invented agents to stand between the creator and the evil minions of industry.

  4. Would that I had an agent to defend me from the dark side but alas...I'm struggling to find a subject or storyline that fills me with the same drive and passion I experienced when I was writing the drama. Nothing interests or temps me enough to want to commit or sink my teeth deeply into the realms of possibility because, as you so clearly put it, all my energy is spent watching and waiting. I have tried to employ distractions but to no avail and so until I learn to disengage I am doomed; condemned to haunt the corridors searching for that which has gone and waiting for the next idea to shout so loudly it refuses to be ignored. For the present all I can hear are ghosts.

  5. It's been said above, but I'll weigh in as well: sit down and start writing again. Send the script to multiple places, or multiple agents. Do that and get back to work again.


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