Thursday, 23 September 2010

Loglines Parts Deux

I told you it wouldn't work!

Oh, do be quiet I'm trying to think.

Yes, well, it's a pity you didn't start thinking a little bit sooner and then we wouldn't be in this mess would we?

And you can stop looking so damned pleased with yourself, you were all for it when we started.

That's because you said it couldn't fail.

Hm, seems my cunning plan wasn't so cunning after all. I would've bet good money on them falling over themselves to get into the comment box this time.

They were falling over themselves, running in the opposite direction. There was a three car pile up on the M1 and all of the victims were writers. It was on the news.

How in the name of women-on-the-edge everywhere did I get lumbered with you?

Providence, I should think.

Providence! Community Service more like. Don't you ever listen to a word I say?

I try very hard not to.

Sigh. So, to re-cap, the deadline is Friday, we have exactly nil points on the score board when it comes to ideas; which is even less than we scored in the Eurovision last year and our get-rich-quick scheme is teetering on the edge of a very steep precipice...What's that smell?

It's fear.

Fear? Of what?

Of whatever donkey-do-do scheme you're about to come up with next.

We need a plan my lovely, one that smacks of stealth and ingenuity by Machiavellian proportions but more importantly, one that doesn't leave a trail to our door.

You could just -

Shush! I can see it now, the stage, the lights, the rapturous applause and Tom Hanks handing over the Oscar.

Hum, yes. You're quite far down the line now aren't you? Almost, one might say, dangerously self-delusional.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Actually, I do. You could just...

Come, let's hear these pearls of wisdom before announces Logline Friday is open for entries. Shower me with enlightenment, pith and wit. Do, please, I beseech you.

...write it yourself.


  1. I'm lacking clarity on what it is you're looking for. A logline for what?

  2. Really? You didn't like my idea? I thought it was Beckett-ish. -ian. Oh, Lord (re Eric the Script Doctor).

  3. I'm not looking for a Logline really Brad, it was just my way of introducing the topic and playing around with script/dialogue at the same time.
    Every Friday, the Scriptdoctor, (highlighted in post,) runs a competition for the best Logline, I thought it might be fun to come up with some of our own, even silly ones but then who knows where humour can lead - eh?

  4. Rose, I loved your idea with the emphasis on YOUR. In fact I insist that you enter the thingy as soon as the competition opens, it cannot possibly fail!

  5. I could use a bit more flattery in the comments, please.

  6. Don, it is already a foregone conclusion that your Logline will outshine the rest of us mere mortals and we know what happens to mortals who dare to dally with the gods.


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