Monday, 20 September 2010


I've been having a nosey around the web looking for examples of Loglines. The idea is to encapsulate your novel/script into a one or two sentence pitch in order to entice the recipient into reading the whole manuscript, or at least the first ten pages anyway. (Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.)

For example:

A depressed cat, fed up with being savaged daily by the neighbours dog decides to exact revenge by inviting her lioness cousin to stay.

Ha, quite like that idea actually, maybe even worth running with. No? OK, well you get the idea. One of the benefits of beginning your script/novel with a Logline is to find out if it's got 'legs' and is also a useful tool to refer back to when the work begins to slip into unknown territory.


I thought it might be fun for any regular readers and perhaps even the not so regular readers to have a bash at this and see what we can come up with.

The prize?

An idea you had never dreamt of until now which might just take you all the way.

Good luck.


  1. These things traumatized me at film school. I hated the idea of them. Here's one, taken from your previous post's comment thread: a person accidentally clicks a thingy which turns some other thingy off, resulting in the person waiting for something that isn't going to happen. Hmmm. Yours sounds more action packed.

  2. Lots of thingy's there Rose, well done. I do have a follow up post to this so stick around won't you.

  3. An aging novelists uses a literary blog to entice pretty young female writers to send him flattering comments, which he uses to stimulate a moribund fantasy life, in hopes of proving to himself that he's not dead yet.

  4. I think I'd pay to see a film about that:-)

  5. me too :D

    Hi Lovely,
    thanks for stopping by. How was your summer? missed you.

    Great post, I've put up a link to it. thank you x

  6. Thank you Sarah, have just finished the follow up to this which I hope will be of some use to other writers.

    Great to have you back, you swell girl you.


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