Thursday, 21 October 2010

May I Help?

Yesterday a lady took great pleasure in telling me she was no friend of our theatre if we were going to charge a booking fee on tickets.

'It's positively retrograde of you!' were the exact words she spat from a perfectly formed cosmetic pout.

Ironically, I agree with her which is why I bent over backwards to appease whilst charging her said amount at the same time. There was no gratitude shown for the service she'd received and her displeasure was most definitely punctuated by the aggressive high-click stab of heels crossing the foyer in angry departure.

My next customer was a young man training to be a primary school teacher. He wanted to book tickets for the ballet as a gift for his girlfriend of two years, he didn't have his student I.D. with him and no cash, only a card. I gave him the discount without batting an eye and forgot to charge him a booking fee too.

Life can be like that sometimes don't you find?


  1. Yes, I can't understand this behaviour either (the lady). She is the same person who yells at waiters I bet, and doesn't realise the amount of other people's spit, etc, she's eaten over the years, as a result....

  2. retrograde! Ha! I just registered that.

  3. Rose, I don't know how I missed your comments? The only reason I saw them today was because I was deleting some spam.
    Sorry for the delay in replying and thanks for taking the time.

    And yes, she was all of the above.

  4. Yes! The spam box strikes! I get so much regular mail in my spam box that I have to remember to always check my spam box, thereby nullifying the point of having a spam box I would think....


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