Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hold On to Your Memories.

You haven't got rid of everything have you?
Don't be daft, have you seen how much stuff was in there?
I know, to be honest I can't bare to look. What's this? We can't let this go, it'll still look good on her shelf even when she's an old lady.
Who' s doing the job - you or me?
You but there's no way we are getting rid of this...or THIS, I wondered where that had gone.
We can't keep everything love, the place is rammed, it's time to move on. I've bagged up the stuff she's outgrown for the charity shop and the rest is rubbish - Oh don't start undoing the bags it's taken me all afternoon!
I'm only having a look calm down will you. I remember when we got these and your mum and dad gave her this Dora thing, let me see if it works.

' Adios!'
It does! surely we can keep it?
I'm not having this conversation, I'm going to start putting things in the car before she sees, she won't want to let anything go otherwise.
OK...Not the Egg People, don't take those! Or the Scooby-Doo stuff!
Alright but nothing else, we are not keeping anything else do you hear me!
I know, sorry, it's just that we'll never get these years again, she's growing so fast and this afternoon M has asked if she could start wearing make-up, it's not two minutes since we cleared out her toys is it.
Actually we didn't clear them out, we gave most of them to O.
You see, sentimental value, both of our girls childhood has been bagged up and booted today -it's too much. What's next, make-up AND boyfriends I suppose!
Boyfriends! Over my dead body! Here, we'll keep this bag and that's it do you hear me, nothing else! Tch, women!