Friday, 11 February 2011

The Call to Adventure.

Been a bit lapse in the old posting department of late due to heavy work loads of the paid variety and the family also. I can't quite believe that mid-February is almost upon us and must hold my hands up in confession of not reading one book this year so far - not one. In my defence I have learned far more about the human condition in the past few months than any book could ever teach, fact, fiction or otherwise; there is no substitution for meeting life head on, facing up to the challenge when you think that you can't only to look back and realise you already have. If I wasn't so far deep into the woods already I might look for a way back but for now the darkness and the unexpected suits me.

This is a roller coaster ride folks and we ain't done yet.


  1. Yes, this is pretty much it.

  2. It does feel as though the older I get the faster the world around me is spinning - I can't keep up with the kids or their energy but doing my best to give them a run for their money.

    Good to see you here old friend.


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