Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Pink Suede.

I posted this a few days ago but the configuration was not correct, so here's round two and thanks for your patience.

I fancy that I catch a glimpse of you sometimes looking your best

and waving from somewhere behind the gift stand trying

to attract my attention

before smiling and drifting away.

I see you found the pink suede suit again

with matching handbag and shoes...

It still looks good with your hair nicely done - a dash of make-up.

Not too much.

You loved coming here to browse, to dream, seduced

by the scent and the colours of spring

before spying the bedding plants!

We'd need a trolley just to keep pace with your dappled lit face

over violets and pinks.

Especially the pinks.

I will remember you this way in love with

the promise of new life; at your best sighing

with delight at the miniature tea-cups and plates

wondering who would appreciate the time,

the effort spent pondering before declaring

'How lovely!'

...like a child presented with the dearest gift except

now I see

that in reality

the most precious gift

was you.


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  2. Very nice poem ... The Most precious gift was you!


  3. Thank you Judy and Mark for stopping by and commenting - lovely to have you here, you are always welcome.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog in Spanish!


  5. Hey, Boxoffice girl keep up the good work your doing really well look forward to seeing your next post


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