Friday, 17 June 2011

Two Ladies - Revisited.

(Original Post of Two Ladies can be found here)

Residents Lounge - Afternoon

A. Have you been weighed today as well?

B. As well as what?

A. What?

B. Don't ask me, you were the one with the question!

A. You want to listen a bit more you do, open your ears.

B. Don't talk to me anymore please, you're upsetting me!

A. Me! Upset you? I don't bother talking to you. What are you talking about, that's what I'd like to know?

( Geoff enters. He is helping another resident with a walking frame to a chair.)

A. Oh, here he is. What did I weigh this week then, Geoff?

Geoff. What would you like it to be my darling?

A. (laughs) 10 stone please, no more, thank you very much.

Geoff. Well, that's what it is then my love, don't worry about it.

(Geoff leaves.)

B. What did he say?

A. (Preening herself) Says I only weigh 10 stone, that's good isn't it?

B. It is, considering the amount of pudding you put away at lunch.

A. How much do you weigh then? You don't know do you? See, that's what I was asking in first place.

B. (Mumbles something inaudible then closes her eyes to sleep. A. snorts in disgust, fiddles with her cardigan buttons before also nodding off.)

A short while later.

B. ( Opens her eyes suddenly and stares at A.) Oh, when did you get back?

A. Just now. The traffic's dreadful, don't know how people manage to get from A to B, never mind anything else. Anyway, how have you been, you look well.

B. Well, that's the thing, I don't know. Been trying to get hold of someone all day but they don't tell you anything in these places.

(Geoff enters with the tea trolley.

A. Here's someone now, why don't you ask him?

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