Saturday, 24 September 2011

Slava's Snowshow

It hasn't been my practice to review theatre productions on this blog preferring instead to focus upon the characters who buy tickets to see the shows hence the tag title, Theatre of Life; but this week I witnessed a spectacle that will remain with me for a very long time and even though going to the theatre has become a bit of a bus-mans holiday, I for one can't wait for this production to return.

Describing the show is quite tricky and the only imagery I can conjure is that of a dream like sequence of random scenes which the audience somehow forgets to question or even try to understand. We are led like children by the hand through moments of humour, pathos, joy, playfulness and a finale so breathtaking it leaves you speechless. In fact words can do no justice so here's a snippet and if you get the chance to see this performance GO, you'll be the better for it - I promise.


  1. How mesmerizing! But I do wonder who has to pick up all that snow at the end?

  2. It's left there until the end of the run Don, so by the time they perform the last show the audience has to wade through it to get to their seats!

  3. I really appreciate your piece of work,
    Great post.


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