Monday, 14 May 2012

Slipping Through the Cosmos.

I know not from where you came

Nor how our paths

Might cross again

With never a verbal word to pass

Between your lips and mine.


I understand our stories for a while at least are destined

To continue along this transient avenue of time.

I read your soul.

Did you read mine.

Only this minute or over time

Every time we almost met but never quite.

Made more attractive by the fact you did not balk

You did not hide

The authentic wonderful

You inside.

The writer scribes

A book well read

A masterpiece inside our head

Echos through into our lives.

A poignant word then to the wise

In times of trouble, stress and doubt.

Strive not to labour outside in

Rather aim instead for inside out.

Be careful what you read

How you choose to proceed

The information taken

Could so easily be mistaken

For an epiphany


To the original