Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Wife to Her Husband of Many Years.

Had I brush
Oil and pallet,
I'd do me best
To paint your mullet.

Them sea-grey eyes
Lop-sided grin
Me 'eart still beats
When you walk in.

Long time since
We said, 'I do.'
Still do somehow
And always will.

Through summer sun
Through winter frost
We've laughed 'n loved
We've loved 'n lost.

First flush of youth
Every trace since gone
'cept what's inside
Kept safe 'n warm.

You are me love
Me life, me all
We're one in spirit
In 'eart 'n soul.

I  'ave no brush
No oil, no pallet
But I give you me love.
It's yours. So 'ave it.


  1. Love these words, you seem to just get better and better at them.

  2. Thank you for those kind words.

    Will you please come back and declare yourself so I might know who to thank properly. :-)


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