Monday, 18 February 2013

Another Small Victory.

I have my friend John White to thank for the title of this post as it was something which came up in conversation recently when I had the pleasure of chatting with him on Skype. He'd been asking what I was up to in the writing department to which the answer, quite honestly, was not much. (He, on the other hand is a very busy fellow - just follow the link above) Anyway, the question got me thinking...again. It's been a while since I committed to anything other than family and it is so easy to get out of practice even with the best of intentions. Not to mention all those wonderful ideas floating around inside my head just begging for somewhere to land. I swear I've written, directed and starred in my own movie several times over before waking up with the alarm but then...who hasn't.

Another awful reality to face is that I've reached middle age without really noticing.  Not so much Boxofficegirl as Boxofficehag with permanent frown and twitching eyelid. Not to mention liver spots on the back of one's hands and possibly even snarled toothed! ( Oh, kill me now and have done I say.) The point is that living has outdone the writing for a good while now. Some people can use this to their advantage and create masterpieces from the shattered debris or heightened euphoria of their lives. Sadly, I am not one of them. I need time to recover, chew the fat and puff on me pipe in contemplation.

The danger of course is persuasion in another direction away from the creative path. That moment when you realise it was just a dream and the time has come for the dream to end.  After all, bills need to be paid, mouths need to be fed. There maybe the odd nod of recognition tinkling  in the background set off by the turn of a phrase in a book, a scene in a film or from some random stranger on a bus you never met before or are likely to meet again; but the truth is there are too many demands on time and energy for the dream to become a reality. Which brings me back to the title.

This post is another small victory against the death of a dream. It isn't much I grant you but you only need a seed in order for something much bigger to grow. One line, one stroke of the brush and one more peice of the puzzle is born.

I may have reached middle-age but Boxofficegirl will live forever!