Monday, 8 April 2013

Voice in the Wilderness.

Come a little closer
I feel we know one another well enough by now

don't be shy
the shadows will hide you until my eyes adjust
although I fancy there is more to you

or at least
I hope so

I have made this place my home and
you are welcome to explore
the labyrinth of thought and word but
be warned

nothing is as it seems
and you shall be drawn in by false promises
webs of lies and deceit

how else can you know the true path
until you have
mastered the false


  1. A poem to find the way ...

    Mark de Zabaleta

  2. "nothing is as it seems
    and you shall be drawn in by false promises
    webs of lies and deceit"

    You're not exactly filling me with confidence on this invitation,Boxy. By the way - is this the lament of an usherette, in a very dark cinema, with no torch? Or am I completely barking?

  3. nice... i keep coming back, wondering what you're leading me into.


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