Saturday, 3 August 2013

Boggle Hole - Good for the Soul.

Today I met a lovely lady and talented artist by the name of Gail Hurst and you can check out her work here. Here's a taster entitled 'Ebb Tide Robin Hood's Bay - which is where my family and I are spending our jolly's.

We've been coming back to this area for the last few years staying in a beautiful little cottage at Boggle Hole just down the beach from The Bay, as the locals would say. This place is a slice of heaven with sea view, just what the doctor ordered, complete with ham, eggs and lashings of ginger beer. There's even a Timmy look-a-like barking with joy as he chases the sheep in a neighbouring farm. I'm telling you folks, it doesn't get much better than this.

Even the weather has been kind.

There is something magical to be found if you're willing to take the time to look. A romance between land and sea courted by higgledy-piggeldy houses clinging to the rocks for fear of tumbling into the ocean. I wrote a post a while back which you can read here all about The Bay and it's enticing history of shipwrecks and smuggling and really bad eggs.

Today we pirates few, paddled along the beach at low tide, climbed the hill to our favourite café for tea and cake before taking in the tiny town complete with art exhibition at the life boat station (enter Gail Hurst stage right and an inspiring conversation regarding creativity) This was followed by a spot of mooching (I do so love to mooch) by the pub as hubby downed a Guinness or two and we soaked up some rays. After a while of doing nothing in particular apart from people watching and commenting on the high tide in a knowing, local sort of way, we trundled onwards and upwards to work off the calories along The Cleveland Way cliff top walk back to Boggle Hole. (Brilliant name for a place if ever there was one.) My thighs are still recovering from all the steps up followed by all the steps down through woodland archways created by faeries. (I swear it's true - the faerie bit, obviously.) Long deserted by my family who had sprinted ahead like mountain goats leaving me huffing and puffing in the distance and trying to control my gasps when suddenly faced with super-fit, good looking geezer bounding up the steps towards me with his dog faster than I could chug down in a side-stepping, old womany sort of deal. I managed a smile and a nod before collapsing for breath in his wake - Not before he checked me out though. Cougar that I am.

Tomorrow we're going to swim in rock pools deep enough for mermaids to hide in.


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