Thursday, 22 August 2013

Seek and You Shall Find.

Motivated by The Muse,
I went out on a mission to achieve a certain aim relating to adventures of the creative kind.
In need of materials (and with little cash) I found myself met by brick walls until all of my recourses were exhausted.

The merest hint of doubt drizzled sideways and begged the question...
Had I misread the signs?

Deflated and heavy with heart,
I poised a moment to listen once more.

The choice was mine
Left or right?

I turned left.

The factory guy shook his head.
I left...Again.

What to do.
The message was clearer this time and had not played me false
The answer lay at my feet

Courage Mon Amie.

Down the steep steps I clambered into the light
And was met by an abundance of creativity
A playground for the imagination to frolic

I was amongst friends
Like minded persons of the creative persuasion who listened to my heart's desire before
giving freely a gift far greater than I could have hoped for.

A Book of Cloth.

To anyone else
Old sofa samples no longer required
To me
The spark to ignite the flame.

My love and thanks to Anne at Avago Crafts for saying Yes when so many others said No.

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