Monday, 9 September 2013

Dreaming in Colour.

I launched my balloon
By the Aqua Lagoon and
Sailed away on the breeze.

Beneath me the moon
Cast shadows in tune
To the swell of the ocean's waves.

The sky overhead
Ran hot Lava Red
As the sun sizzled into the sea

An explosion of light
Erupted the night
Propelling the balloon and me.

Over mountains we flew
Hung with soft evening dew
So sweet it was Angel Mist

Pearly beads dressed my hair
So light and so fair
Bejewelled by a Velvet Kiss.

Onwards 'til morn'
And a distant shore
Swaddled in Meadow Lush

My balloon came to land
In burnt Mango sand
Embraced by a Bilberry Bush.

Paradise lost became
Paradise found as I
Drank in this Utopian scene

Never before nor since
Did such a place exist
Except perhaps in my dreams.