Monday, 21 April 2014

Do it. Because You Can.

Wise words.

We're all on a deadline.
The ones we know about and the one...

Best not get into that.

My next deadline is 6th May and I'm struggling to begin let alone finish.
Too many choices or not enough?
Can't be sure.

I was advised to let this one go.
No point forcing something that won't be forced.
Like digging soil on a frosty morning.

But now it's become a matter of pride
And I can't stand the thought of giving up.
Not yet.
Not while there is still time.

I've spent the past few weeks battling demons and
Stressing over stuff that really doesn't matter.
I'm half way there, I just know it.

I can almost taste the words rolling like hot coal upon my tongue.
I will spit them out and mould the embers before they die
A stone cold death.


  1. Great share! It sounds like once you have your mind set on a task, you must get it done. And as well you should, that builds character and perseverance... Thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you James and apologies for late reply. Please pop in again sometime.


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