Saturday, 26 July 2014

Talking is Over Rated.

I've always had plenty to say for myself - ask anyone who knows me and they'll probably roll their eyes and respond with an intake of breath, 'Oh, yes.'

Anyone who has read this blog will also be aware that I make my living selling theatre tickets in a box-office. I sell them at the counter and over the phone. So plenty of talking, mixed in with listening but more importantly, lashings of banter.

Banter fuels and drives my energy.

It makes me feel alive and fabulous, like scoring the winning point in the badminton world championship.

Banter, is at times, a far better way to communicate than talking. Some of my happiest and saddest times have been celebrated and comforted in turn by a good tongue whipping.

Banter keeps you grounded.
Banter keeps you real.

I miss the Banter more than I can possibly say.


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